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Backorders Status

 We will update the status from time to time if there is any delay in the shipments.


  • All backorders placed are strictly not refundable & cancellable.
  • The order which has in stock and backorder in a single receipt will be sent out once BO arrived. You may top up for postage fee if you wish to receive the in stock products first. Please email for the arrangement.
  • Please take note that we are not able to control any external factors on the shipment delayed as our product is manufactured in Korea.



      Silver Chrysalis Earrings  Arrived
      Rose Gold Chrysalis Earrings  Arrived
      Silver Chrysalis Necklace  Arrived
      Rose Gold Chrysalis Necklace  Arrived
      Silver Maia Earrings  Arrived
      Rose Gold Maia Earrings  Arrived
      Silver Abigail Earrings  Arrived
      Silver Fairytale Secret Garden Earrings  Arrived
      Rose Gold  Fairytale Secret Garden Earrings  Arrived
      Silver You are My Lucky Star Earrings  Arrived
      Rose Gold You are My Lucky Star Earrings  Arrived
      Love at First Sight Earrings  Arrived
      Love You to Love Me Earrings  Arrived
      Lotta Love Earrings  Arrived
      Silver Noe Huggie Hoop Earrings Arrived
      Rose Gold  Noe Huggie Hoop Earrings Arrived
      Gold  Noe Huggie Hoop Earrings Arrived
      Silver Faye Huggie Hoop Earrings Arrived
      Rose Gold  Faye Huggie Hoop Earrings Arrived
      Gold   Faye Huggie Hoop Earrings Arrived
      Rose Gold Dandelion Bracelet  Arrived
      Rose Gold Dandelion Earrings  Arrived
      Silver Encyst Ring  Arrived
      Rose Gold  Encyst Ring  Arrived
      Rose Gold Winter Jasmine Bracelet (DELAYED) Early November
      Silver Eustoma Bracelet  Arrived
      Rose Gold Eustoma Bracelet  Arrived
      Rose Gold Eustoma Ring  Arrived
      Silver Ariel Ring  Arrived
      Rose Gold Ariel Ring  Arrived
      Silver Love in the Mist Ring  Arrived
      Rose Gold  Love in the Mist Ring  Arrived
      Rose Gold Rue Earrings  Arrived
      Rose Gold Rue Necklace  Arrived
      White Sakura Blooming Earrings (DELAYED) Early November
      Pink Sakura Blooming Earrings (DELAYED) Early November
      Silver Rain Lily Bracelet  Arrived
      Rose Gold  Rain Lily Bracelet  Arrived
      Beryl Hyacinth Bracelet  Arrived
      Beryl Hyacinth Ring  Arrived
      Opalescent Hyacinth Bracelet  Arrived
      Opalescent Hyacinth Ring  Arrived
      Ruby Hyacinth Bracelet  Arrived
      Ruby Hyacinth Ring  Arrived
      Silver Sakura Glistening Earrings Arrived
      Rose Gold Sakura Glistening Earrings Arrived
      Beryl Rosa Ring  Arrived
      Opalescent Rosa Ring  Arrived
      Ruby Rosa Ring  Arrived
      Rose Gold Plum Blossom Necklace  Arrived
      Silver Crescent Moonflower Necklace Arrived
      Rose Gold  Crescent Moonflower Necklace Arrived
      Silver Never Forget Earring Arrived
      Rose Gold  Never Forget Earring Arrived
      Silver Soo Mi 수미 Ring Arrived
      Rose Gold  Soo Mi 수미 Ring Arrived
      Silver Min Ji 민지 Ring Arrived
      Rose Gold Min Ji 민지 Ring Arrived
      Silver Eun Ae 은애 Ring Arrived
      Rose Gold Eun Ae 은애 Ring Arrived
      Silver Soo Ah 수아 Ring Arrived
      Rose Gold Soo Ah 수아 Ring Arrived
      Silver Hee Young 희영 Ring Arrived
      Rose Gold  Hee Young 희영 Ring Arrived
      Silver Ivy Ring Arrived
      Rose Gold Ivy Ring Arrived
      Silver Love Dream Necklace Arrived
      Rose Gold  Love Dream Necklace Arrived
      Silver Wing of Grace Earcuff Arrived
      Rose Gold Wing of Grace Earcuff Arrived